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Being present at the scene of major new events with this app!This is all different! Newly upgraded udn News app presents you the accurate, detailed and up-to-the-minute news from the world.
You can instantly catch on the latest news topics and quickly grasp diverse viewpoints by way of the simplistic interface design of massive blocks and listing. The real-time stories and feature reports help you get the most in-depth news information.
Main features:◆ Live videos: As a pioneer in Taiwanese news industry, this app takes you to the scene and give you an immersive experience at the very first moment of news events.◆ Personalized Push settings: You can set up your favorite categories for push in accordance with your true needs, and receive no trivial notifications you don’t like. ◆ The coolest in-depth features: It’s the first time we move our advanced digital news features, way ahead of our competitors in Taiwan, from a web site to this app. You can read everything through your small smartphone screens. ◆ Selected Photos: we specify the most important and premium news photos.◆ Comments and Shares: you can leave comments on FB and it’s so convenient to share. ◆ Text size: It relieves the burden of your eyes when texts can be magnified. ◆ Link of social media: You can link this app to every UDN affiliate social media, including FB fan pages, G+ and Line.